Whole Doors Warranty

  • Whole Doors provides an industry leading 5-year limited warranty on custom and standard Aluminum/Iron Doors. We sell the highest quality Aluminum and Iron Doors, and we stand behind them. Whole Doors warrants the structure, bearings, hinges, rollers, wheels, and latches to be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of ten years from the date of purchase. Glass is warranted for 5 years against any material obstruction of view caused by a defect in material and workmanship under normal circumstances. The door finish is warranted for 2 years. This warranty will be void if the door has not been stored, installed, and maintained correctly. The following are not considered defects in material and workmanship and are not covered under this warranty:
  • • Damages caused beyond the control of Whole Doors including but not limited to misuse, mishandling, and acts of nature.
    • Scratches and scuff marks made to the finish through shipment or installation. Touch up kits are available upon request.
    • Minor color/finish differences. Each door is handmade and one of a kind. Slight variations to color/finish are expected.
    • Moderate condensation on the inside of the doors during extreme temperatures.
    • Rust where the finish of the door has been scratched or compromised.
    • Labor and delivery cost for warranty replacements.
    • Damage caused by installation without adequate over-hang (minimum 6ft).

Claim Procedures and Remedies

All warranty claims must be emailed to info@wholedoors.com within the warranty period.Upon validation by Whole Doors of a warranty claim, at our discretion we will:
• Provide a replacement to the customer at no cost.
• Refund the purchase price for the product.
• Provide a replacement door at a discounted price.
• In the event of a factory applied finish is defective, Whole Doors will either refinish the door or refund up to $250 to the owner.

Maintaining/ Cleaning Door

To clean your Aluminum/Iron Door, we suggest using mild soap and water with a soft cloth. Using harsh
chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials will breakdown the finish and potentially damage the door. The
door’s hinges should be greased once a year to ensure smooth operation.