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All folding doors require a professional installer

  • Patio bifold glass doors made from a series of panels that fold up against the wall like accordion.
  • Although conventional, single Patio bifold doors are common in most modern homes
  • A more attractive, sturdy, and unique alternative is a bifold door
  • Whole bifold doors pulls open from the center from left or from right giving a full view and full access.





Whole Bifold Doors 120″ X 80″

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All BiFold Doors & Windows Viewed from outside and Folding to outside

  • 1 Opens Left Rest opens Right
  • 1 Opens Right Rest Opens Left
  • From Left to Right
  • From Right to Left


Bifold Door

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Patio glass bi-fold  doors 120×80


  • Patio glass bi-fold  doors 120×80
  • Door overall size 120” x 80″.
  • 75 series thermal break aluminum folding door.
  • Glass: 5mm Low-E glass (outside )+27Argon gas+5mm clear(inside),double tempered clear glass.
  • Hardware: LMSA high quality German brand
  • Aluminum: 2.0mm thickness , white or black color powder coated.

Tailoring bifold doors to extend your space and transform your home into your retreat will highlight your own flair.Whole bifold doors combine the outdoor and indoor spaces by reducing barriers, allowing more natural light and breeze into your house.Improve your garden parties, barbecues, and outdoor dining experiences by using Whole bifold doors, which will enhance the ambiance from the inside.

If you require any additional information or have any queries, a representative is available to assist you.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

sku 0350000252078

Additional Information


Matt Black, White


1 Opens Left Rest opens Right, 1 Opens Right Rest Opens Left, Center, From Left to Right, From Right to Left

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(1 customer review)

1 review for Whole Bifold Doors 120″ X 80″

  1. John Campeta

    Attention : George
    This is John Campeta, I spoke to you this morning 7/27 and I would like total cost of the patio glass bi-fold door 120 x 80, opening from the center to the left and the right. Color : black with black hinges and hardware, full screen if available and locking handles on the interior, 6 and 9/16 jamb. How large is the door opening when both doors are fully open? You quoted me $4,333.
    Please send me a price for the door, tax, shipping, and all costs.

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